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I will start by what I consider the only "negative" in the movie. My personal preference was to keep the spectacular Vader hallway scene with Rogue One. I love it, but I like it in that movie. I understand why people want it included , but it was not for me. However, the editor did an excellent job integrating the scene seamlessly into the movie.

I note that as according to another forum, it used Adywan's New Hope edit as a base. That is obviously a major bonus - particularly on the visual standpoint. For someone with poor eyesight. The visual changes really help me watch the movie much more smoothly.

I also really liked his slight variation to the SC 38 reimagined. I really wanted this in the movie, but with original dialogue restored. This edit accomplished that. Although it did remove the portion of the dual with Vader and Obi-Wan in the congested hallway, I understood why it was done. It was clearly out of place, but I still would have liked it.

I also agreed with the minor cuts the editor listed as I saw the movie as these extraneous shenanigans were unecessary such as the droids not being hit by fire and overly moronic stormtroopers.

Overall, this was well done. However, there are two nitpicks I do have. In the copy I have, after Vader strikes Obi-Wan and approaches the blast doors, his lightsaber color becomes clear, which by my understanding was how it was in the original theatrical version. I also would have liked a slight change in dialogue from Obi-Wan telling Luke that he ("I") wanted to give him the lightsaber. This would be more appropriate for continuity considering Vader is unaware he even has a child (I know that A New Hope was originally intended to be a standalone movie and Vader was not Anakin initially).

Overall, this is my personal favorite edit of this movie. Job well done by the editor.

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