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(Updated: June 02, 2024)
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A New Hope was never my favorite of the saga mostly due to it being overshadowed by its modern contemporaries, this may have been the movie to start the series but its also George Lucas and company figuring out the kinks and with a limited budget. I hope I don't sound to negative through my writing cause I do love Star Wars and what Lucas and co were able to make has always been deserving of all the praise. Its just some certain scenes notably the Obi Wan Darth Vader light saber duel really stick out especially for new comers who are used to better choreography.

Lantern51 Star Wars Redux is a modernized take on New Hope updating it to be more palatable for todays audiences and just what I was looking for. Going into it if you are a Star Wars purist or detest George's special edition with old cgi you may not like this edit, now not all was special edition Han still shoots first and no Jabba the Hut millennium falcon scene thank goodness.. Sound and video quality are great throughout no trouble watching on my 4k display I did notice after re watching my Star Wars Bluray to compare that you added in music for the final battle it was a welcome change and gave the scenes more energy. The real changes here though are the scene 38 light saber fight and the Darth Vader rogue one fight additions replacing old scenes. They both go in pretty smoothly with some clever editing, you won't see Leia's infamous bad cgi face, and editing out some of the scenes from 38. Vader throwing his light saber was always a bit much, the real surprise for me was editing out the flashback voices so it keeps with the original intent and doesn't spoil the infamous scene from empire strikes back. Other than those changers everything is the same this is still A New Hope.

Now I love the additions but keep in mind there's over 40 years between the added scenes and the original movie so the quality is noticeable and might be jarring for some viewers. I also wish you kept in Obi Wan forcing Vader back than picking up the light saber from 38 its a personal opinion but I think the scene flowed better with it in.

Great Quality and great editing this is a wonderful cut of A New Hope and one that comes highly recommended. I didn't know where to add this but I loved the editors warning every fanedit has about pirating and owning the original copy before the movie logos, it was done in Star Wars alien language with background droid noises in the background before shifting into English it has nothing to do with the movie I just wanted to praise the editor for going one step further.

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