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(Updated: May 12, 2020)
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First of all, thank you DonKamillo for the herculean task you took upon yourself.

I was enthusiastic for this since I had a blast with TLJ Anti-Cringe. I feel like that edit breathed new life to a movie bent on being bold but doomed to buckle under its own ambitions.

TROS, the way I see it, had no ambition whatsoever and unfortunately an Anti-Cringe Cut could not change that.

That's not to say it isn't any better. It certainly is. Its lighter and tighter, I would say mostly because its rid of macguffins. But the structure remains the same. Its repetitive, redundant, and with terribly artificial stakes and scale. But hey, less cringey this time around.

I just feel it could have done a little more time on cutting table, though. I'm not sure if I missed something, but there are some mentions out of nowhere to Exegol, Occhi, and what does Rey want so bad with the second wayfinder on the Death Star that is supposed to be a nameless artifact?

Also, the added VFX to some scenes are rather jarring. Ren's desert un-crash and Luke's un-ghost are distracting, I have to say. Looking at the cutlist I would have thought some editing tricks like cropping or rearranging shots would work better in these cases.

While some of the changes contributed to better the story (like Rey killing Ren fitting Luke's prophecy, Lando's late reveal, 3PO's new beginning, no Palpatine heritage), others left me confused (Chewie's "ressurection" is cheaper now that there's no transport confusion shown onscreen, and the Knights of Ren are even more out of place since we don't know who they're supposed to be). Others I thought could be cut remained (Planet-killing ships and command antennas are still a thing, and I thought Pasaana was this movie's Canto Bight really), and that made me a little more disappointed.

I won't dwell on it, but this did not went the way I thought it would. Still I'd like to thank Don once again for the commitment and generosity in sharing his efforts. Even if its not the ideal TROS edit (at least for me), its definitely another showcase for his sharp editing skills.

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Owner's reply May 13, 2020

Thank YOU for the first review!

Regarding some of your points:
- Exagol is established by Poe very early when everybody listens to the Emperor's broadcast, so it does not come out of nowhere ;)
- The same goes for Occhi. He is not mentioned in the cave but when Rey starts to remember what happened to her parents, she remembers his name too and tells it to Finn, so he is established as well.
- Rey is not looking for the wayfinder on the Death Star. I changed the translated dagger message, that 3PO is reading, so instead of "The Wayfinder" he says, that the Emperor himself is at those coordinates. That's why they travel to the Death Star. I purposely cut the the translated dagger message to be vague and open for interpretation because it does not have to mean that the Emperor is there in person all the time... but that he was there at some point and who knows who left that mysterious artifact behind ;)
- I expected Luke's unghosting to be distracting because I had no alternative material to work with and the VFX on that one are far from perfect. But I guess it's a similar problem I had with Leia in the original movie (at least Luke has more to do in the movie than her ;) )
- With "Ren's uncrash" as you call it, I guess you're referring to his ship in the background. Not everybody noticed that, when I put up a clip in the forums so I guess a viewer, who hasn't seen the clip and watches the scene for the first time would not notice it that much.
- Regarding "Chewie's resurrection": I dare you to show the original movie to a fresh viewer and ask him/her if he/she saw that second transport for that split second it was shown :) That's why we have a scene right after that one where Hux reveals that there was a second transport (which I cut). In my edit it's basically the same, only the reveal is later and instead of Hux saying there was a second transport, Rey is saying there was a second transport.

All in all I cut out a lot IMO but had to leave some stuff in so the narrative stays intact. Still happy you found some enjoyment with the edit at least and thanks again for the feedback :)

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