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(Updated: May 16, 2020)
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This was GREAT! I didn't realize how truly bloated TROS actually was, until seeing how much of it didn't really add anything at all. I thought the editor did a wonderful job of creating a streamlined story that both made sense and pushed the action forward. To be honest, it felt like a really well done hour long tv show that flew by. When watching the theatrical TROS, there was only one moment that made me emotional, and that was when Luke raised the X-wing, I could not figure out why I was emotional over that. My wife then said, "it's the music, the music is Yoda's music and you liked that part as a kid". There were several parts in this edit that had me tear up at the end. It was really quite perfect in the ways that actually count.
I think I could see and visualize the connective tissue that the editor wished he had to work with. There are scenes and call backs that I could imagine a scene added that would have full fleshed out the vision, but the editor only had so much to work with. AND WORK WONDERS HE DID.
the final battle is pretty much flawless, if someone had not seen the theatrical TROS final battle, I don't think they would be able to figure out that this was not the way it was intended to go. So many things just made so much more sense. I also liked that certain things and characters were left in, from a narrative standpoint they made sense. Seeing Babu Frik and Poe's relationship was really cool. I also didn't mind Rose, it made sense that she would be included in some way. Everyone just made sense. The amount of time they were given, where they came in at, and I especially liked seeing how much "fluff" was just removed all together. There were alot of scenes and characters and go-nowhere plot points that needed cut.
All in all, I cannot praise this edit enough. If you are a big Star Wars fan and enjoy fan edits, go out of your way to see this one. It takes the story in exciting, emotional, and fulfilling directions that are both surprising and engaging.
Thanks so much Don, awesome job my friend, truly awesome.

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