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Wow this edit really blew me away! I was watching this movie in it's cinematic edit and I really did NOT like it at all. But this edit is trully wonderful, what a gift from DonKamillo! Thank you so much for making this movie watchable and actually feel the emotions that were intended in the original cut. For every scene where I thought I sensed some contradiction, another scene was either explaining it (Ren standing up with the healed wound and having this wonderful conclusion scene with Han) or was easy for me to find a logical insertion (in a Star Wars sense) into the franchise or at least the sequel canon (for instance Luke being "alive" for me was not an issue since since often enough he had this holo look on him PLUS Ren having this memory or feeling or vision of his father, so why would Ray not have this with Luke as well? It's only her having "contact" with him anyway).
So many incredible chioces wer made, so many cringy scenes were cut, so much more sense and meaning was given to the narrative. No Leia, no horses, no back and forth of the story like in the original cut (where it truly felt like it was written by a whole committee and directed any another committee of directors). This actually makes sense and feels like this is was "subversion" can be in a positive way since there still are unexpected things happening without interrupting the actual flow of the story or ripping the watcher out of the emotional investment.
Great edit ! Just some very very minor audio glitch that I realized between 1.12 and 1.17 with Ray facing Palpatine, the music seems fragmented a bit. Although this is forgivable, it would be fantastic if this could be "repaired" somehow to create an otherwise almost perfect edit for me and definitely go to version of the movie :)

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