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I really enjoyed this over the original. This is what I consider my favorite changes:

The whole scene with Kylo and the Emperor (moved to my Definitive ACC of TLJ). (This was awesome and really completed the ACC of TLJ).
Luke is still alive (much better way to end this character)
Wayfinder be gone (Stupid! Glad this is gone)
Lando is introduced much later (This made his introduction so much cooler)
Kylo dies on the Death Star (Much better way to redeem/kill his character)
Rey does not die after her battle with the Emperor

Nice touches:
Light-speed skipping cut
The Emperor's broadcast is heard at the beginning of the movie
There's no force healing
No magic coin to get into Star Destroyers (sooooo dumb)
There's no hidden mechanism in the dagger (glad this is gone)
Rey has not magically learned how to steer skimmers through storms (I enjoyed this entire part of the move from the time they land to the time Rey leaves, including all characters and death of Kylo)
Instead of Leia calling out to Kylo on the Death Star, Luke is
There's no ground invasion (aka horses on a space ship) in the battle of Exagol (This was stupid)

Things that I felt empty on:
Hux goes away (I wanted his character to have closure, but I don't think there was much material to work with here)
Knights of Ren (Small loose end)

Things that I was okay with, but could use some improvements:
The transparent look of Luke :(

Overall this cut along with the DACC of TLJ are really good. I enjoy watching these now.

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