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This movie takes a confusing theatrical cut and turns it into a confusing edit, but in a different way. When I watched the original I kind of rolled with it. It has a few moments and a lot of meh. This edit doesn't really fix anything, it just moves the pieces around. Frankly, the whole Kylo Ren arch is the best part of this specific movie, and the way it's handled in the edit, with Rey killing him on the Death Star because of a distraction, is very, very anti-climatic. If I had my way I'd have a version with Kylo both turning AND surviving. Yeah, I'll leave others to wonder how to deal with that sucker. But I just hate that every dark-sider that turns needs to be killed off. I mean, where's the upside in turning to the Jedi's, then? If my prize is dying, might as well ride it out with the dark side.

I did enjoy watching the Rey scene with Palpatine as an alternative ending, but I think I prefer the ending with Kylo Ren in it. In any case, this move is pretty messy and pushes the good will of the audience. The edit, unfortunately, is unable to fix it properly. To summarize, I like the little edits that make the movie more watchable -still no Lea!-, but the big edit is where my biggest beef lies.

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