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As I mentioned during my review of ep. VIII, I was not able to bring myself to watch the source material and the same goes for ep. IX. So I will not be able to offer a true comparison to the theatrical release. But given the non-canonical woke mess Disney produced I hope this won’t be held against me.

For me this was the most cringe out of the sequel trilogy and I’m not sure if that’s because Don Kamillo did such a great job when cutting cringe from ep. VIII or if this movie was just that much worse, because Metacritic would have me believe that this was the slightly less reviled film when compared to it’s predesessor.

Two things that had me cringe hard were the use of tread-speeders when sand-speeders were already a thing how many decades ago in a galaxy far far away? This is going to take quite a bit of work in CGI or a well trained AI to replace. So I was kind of surprised Don Kamillo left these in.

I was also shocked that he left the “broken death star” debris. This totally broke any sense of immersion into the story for me and reminded me again that Jar Jar Abrams had zero love for Star Wars. I didn’t expect all the shots filmed inside the debris to be cut. Just the line where Rey says “Death Star”. That way we could just assume it was some random imperial ruins.

There is still too much wrong with the film that I’m not really sure any amount of editing can fix. I live in hope that one day in the not to distant future someone empowered by AI and a clear creative vision can give us a sequel trilogy finale that could more easily pass for cannon.

Until then, this is probably the definitive way to watch this film. I can’t say I got through unscathed, but I’m sure this cut spared me a lot of pain and suffering over the original. Only a Sith could weaponize Star Wars into a post modern propaganda machine. So it is indeed the work of a Jedi to correct history and salvage the timeline. Gracias Don Kamillo and may the force be with you!

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