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The anti-cringe cut is certainly a much more enjoyable edition of the film than its source. The story flows considerably better and makes much more sense. Cringe is, of course, a relative term, so whether this edit has eliminated all of the cringe will be a matter of personal taste. I like a lot of the decisions made with the edit. The opening is particularly strong. Some choices don't work quite as well as you'd want, but that's often the nature of fan editing, one is limited by the source material. Removing Leia from the film works great, having her corpse just hanging around under a blanket at the resistance base for no reason does not. Luke being alive is... Well, obviously that was part of the point for the editor, but personally I don't think it makes a lot of sense for the story of this film. Luke's absence is explained as him being on a quest, but considering the peril being faced, I end up feeling like surely his quest can't be more important than the return of the sith. If, like me, you haven't watched the anti-cringe cut of TLJ and come into this movie with Luke dead, his absence works much better. In the scenes he does appear in, efforts have been made to make him not transparent and glowing, but they are not always successful. Minor issues though. Overall this is a very solid version of the movie and worth the time to watch.

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