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This is about as good as this movie can get without drastically altering the story. There's a few things that I personally may have removed and/or kept, but overall this is an incredibly functional movie. This may not sound like much, but the original was an incomprehensible, maddening mess. The fact that I could watch this and enjoy it is amazing.

The small changes are what matter here. lengthening some establishing shots, re-ordering a few things. Adding in the Kylo Ren force ghost, the new take on "Rey Skywalker" and the new final shot. These are all things that the movie should've done to begin with.

I still don't love this movie, and there are story choices in it I'll never like or understand. But it is the movie it is, and it is canon, which means we are stuck with it for better or worse. Hal has made it not only tolerable, but enjoyable. It's certainly the worst ST film, but it's far from the disgrace it was on release. Great job!
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