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Finished up our SW re-watch with this one (1-4-7, 2-5-8, 3-6-9).

HAL has once again done amazing work. The cuts are seamless; I usually noticed that things were missing after they were done, and would never have known that they were missing in the first place if I hadn't seen the theatrical cut. There's amazing work here, including the addition of a few lines from the Knights of Ren that give them a bit more of a presence. And the new closing shot looks amazing.

HAL has whittled out parts of the narrative that just don't work, as usual. Unfortunately, I happened to watch a negative review of RoS on YouTube just before watching this, so I was aware that even more could have been cut to improve the movie, and the cuts wouldn't have affected anything going forward. Of course HAL didn't see the same review, so he wasn't working based on that, but nonetheless I couldn't help but notice that more could have indeed been cut. (Ironically, what the film really needs is *added* scenes that explain things better, enhance characterization, and improve the pacing. But since Disney has yet to release a 4-hour cut of the movie, HAL did the best he could with what's available, adding a few shots here and there and slowing down the frenetic opening scene as much as possible.)

I loved:
--The shots of the Palpatine clones in the tank at the beginning.
--The moving of Palpatine's broadcast out of Fortnite and into a Rebel briefing scene.
--The removal of the mention that R2 can just automatically restore Threepio's memory, making his sacrifice more noble.
--Moving some sound clips of Palpatine into scenes with Kylo and Rey so that they appear to be hearing him.
--Moving the otherwise pointless cameo of the Ewoks into the earlier Endor scene.

I'm also impressed that he worked in cues for "Duel of the Fates" and the droids' theme from Ep. I, although I admit I didn't catch them during the actual viewing.

To sum up, it's difficult to come up with a really good movie out of what's available for RoS. But HAL did his usual expert job, and until or unless Disney gives editors more footage to work with, this is reasonably the best edit one can hope for, to have a satisfying end to a SW viewing marathon.

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