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As someone who actually enjoyed the sequels (Rise of Skywalker included) quite a bit, this edit is really solid. Most of my issues with the film came from the pacing of the first 2 acts and this edit pretty much fixes them in their entirety. Unlike some people, I don't feel like TROS was trying to "undo/fix" The Last Jedi, but seeing more references to it in the film was a welcome change as well and helps the story feel more connected. Rey having an an unstable lightsaber and the new puppet show depicting the end of TLJ were among some of my favorite changes. I must say I prefer the silent knights of Ren option, but I'm glad that there is an option at all for people who like it. I only had a couple nitpics with the edit that are things I think could have been improved upon. Kylo's new line of "you were right" doesn't really feel right. I completely understand why that change was made and the impression is serviceable, but for me it took me out of the movie since the voice didn't match. The second is the truncation of the Lightspeed Skipping scene as that was one of my favorite moments in the film and was really sorely missed when watching this edit. I have mixed feelings about the force ghosts standing behind Rey as while they are well integrated and its a cool idea, I feel like it takes focus away from Rey's triumph in the moment. In the end, this is edit was very much worthwhile and highly recommended to anyone who wants to see a better paced version of the film.

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