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(Updated: July 12, 2023)
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This got to be the first time I read so many changes done to a movie with so little time cut or added! The amount of work done to this edit is incredible.

I didn't like this movie, almost at all, and I was very reluctant in watching an edit with only 4 minutes removed from the film. To give an example, the previous edit I watched was the "Anti-Cringe Cut" which removed 45 minutes. That's how much I disliked this movie. When I watched the 'Ascendant' though, the edit was so good that it made me question if I indeed did not like the original movie that much or maybe it grew on me the last four years that have passed! And then I read the list of changes, I didn't read them before watching this, and I realized that it wasn't that the movie grew on me, it was the edit that was that good. Which is also a testament to how excellent it was technical-wise. Granted, some core stuff from the plot still bothered me, but it was much more digestible now.

So, I definitely recommend this edit to anyone who can accept the fact that all the core plot elements stay, but want to see a much more polished version of the movie! For more aggressive edits check the "Anti-Cringe Cut" by DonKamillo, although it has many problems in my opinion, and the "Final Order" by Spence.

Thank you HAL9000 for all your hard work, thanks to anyone who read my review and may the force be with you!

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