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Review by white43 — February 8, 2009 @ 11:30 pm

So, I’m in search of the best TPM edit and I thought I’d give this one a try. I did like Father Merrin’s Superman : Definitive Smallville Cut very much.

In my personal opinion – things I want done in a TPM edit: Cut down on Jar Jar’s stupidity, cut down on sickly sweet Anakin, cut Boss Nass ticks, cut bad dialogue and jokes. Cut pointless scenes. And I personally find Jar Jar and the Trade Federation voices annoying.

What I liked about this edit:

Changing the Trade Federation language to what seemed to be French or Spanish – This allows retention of scenes, but changing what they say.
Changing Gungan language – As above, and of course Jar Jar now sounds different and says different things.
Boss Nass – no ticks.
Removal of Pod Scene commentary.
Anakin deliberately takes the ship and destroys the Trade Federation ship.
Better ending, after the funderal of Qui Gonn.
No Midichlorians.
No virgin birth.

What I didn’t like:

Pod Scene too long and Jabba was in it.
Jar Jar’s stupid antics are somewhat still intact. I don’t want Jar Jar as comic relief, even in another language/
Underwater scenes and waterfall scenes are pointless and don’t need to be there.
Making Jar Jar a general.
There is still too much fluff in this edit; because you can change the language, doesn’t mean you should potentially keep more scenes.

What on earth has happened to the picture? It’s grainy, washed out and fuzzy. There is pixellation here. It looks like a VHS transfer! This was a BIG letdown for me and I nearly stopped watching after 20 mins.

The sound was good.

I noted two errors in the subtitles, unfortunately I didn’t write them down! The first was a spelling mistake, the second was a use of ‘Your’, when it should have been ‘You’re’.

Overall, the edits were fairly seemless, but one certainly jolted me – this was in the end battle – or rather we’re brought back to it with a big explosion that seems, judging by the music, to be half way through something.

So, this is a good effort, alot of the ‘wants list’ is covered, but there’s still too much Jar Jar and a bad picture. I see this is supposed to be a new and improved version…I rather hope there’ll be another improved version…..
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