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Review by ab5tract — March 5, 2009 @ 10:05 pm

Merrin, you deserve a great deal of credit for effectively solving the conundrum of removing Jar Jar’s voice while retaining the audio mix. Your novel approach of utilizing Spanish and French audio tracks finally allows a watchable fanedit with a subtitled Jar Jar. And the Trade Federation too! Now the only racial stereotyped alien left is Watto with his Semitic accent (who unfortunately would be (probably) impossible to give the treatment to since it wouldn’t fit at all with his Hutt-ese). Someone should try one day, but for now this edit stands as the only available version of the TPM that successfully removes the racist accents of the aliens who have them. I really hope Adywan will consider this approach when a gets to Episode I and I wonder if there are any dubs in yet other languages that could be used in order to create more robust and distinct languages for the TF fish people and the Gungans. This would also help alleviate the problems that knowing Spanish and/or French might bring to the current treatment. You did a Great job with the subtitles. The TF now seems threatening instead of absurd, and Jar Jar’s new personality is much improved. I laughed out loud when he tells Qui-gon “Hey I saved your life. You owe me one!” when they first meet. Jar Jar? Funny? Yes! Crap, even Tolerable is a good start, but Likable — unbelievable.

As for the edits, yes there are some choices I would have made differently, but the major issues have all been taken care of, and in light of the Gigantic Leap Forward your alternative language technique represents, I declare this to be my personal Best TPM Edit.

Stars: 9/10

1 star removed for the video quality and since the pacing could still stand some tightening. [b]Note: FatherMerrin has literally put money on the table, offered to anyone who is willing to fix the situation.[/b] Also, the video quality isn’t terrible if you are watching on an older TV. However, if you have a flat screen with progressive scan the degraded quality is quite noticeable. Downgrade your components for a better picture ;)
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