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This is an older edit of Revenge of the Sith but a very solid one if you're looking for a light edit. Worth seeking out!

My thoughts on the film as a whole and what needs to be improved are here:
So the question is, how well did FatherMerrin improve on the theatrical version?

Well, the first and most notable thing to me was he replaced all the alien and droid voices with French and Spanish dubs. So if you were someone who felt these were racist stereotypes and/or really annoying and got so offended by it that you wanted them removed: here ya are! Personally, I understand enough French and Spanish to make this choice somewhat distracting, though. And the French dub often sounds fairly silly, so it's not much of an improvement. TM2YC's edits choose the Portuguese track for Jar Jar instead, and I think that actually works really well.

The second big thing I'm looking for in a RotW edit is to put back in Padme's deleted scenes since her character is gutted in this. Sadly, this edit does not do that so it's not my favorite choice. It does do a bit to rework her relationship with Anakin, which is appreciated, but still keeps the ending which gives away the game in terms of Episode IV and V spoilers. I do prefer the edits that attempt to disguise that.

I very much appreciated the trimming and restructuring of the final duels here, as I don't like the way the theatrical cut steals the momentum away. But the other big thing I'm looking for in an edit is to restructure the Palpatine duel and Anakin's turn. It's all kind of abrupt and even a bit silly. Yes, it works in the theatrical version, but the younglings, the Emperor's face, the "my master" speechifying...there's a lot of room for improvement here and this edit doesn't really do enough for me.

If you're pretty happy already with the theatrical cut and just want a few trims and some racial sensitivity, this is going to be a great edit for you. I'm amazed more editors haven't played around with redubbing the aliens and droids and then resubbing them!

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