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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Definitive Anti Cringe Cut)  - Fanedit Poster
FanFix September 08, 2018 29111
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As much as anyone else, I was disappointed deeply with Episode VIII to an extent to not care about it anymore.
But I gotta say, DonKamillo's Anti-Cringe Cut is really the spark that lights the fire that... Yes.

Is incredible how much room the movie has to breathe now, and the complete obliteration of the Canto Bight sequence and it's characters is so seamless as to demonstrate how unecessary the whole thing was. It's a much welcome trait now that the movie focus on Luke's downfall and the ways of the Force, finally doing justice to the title. And I gotta say, things get really interesting here, and it might even redeem the original writing for what it was trying to pull off. The Last Jedi and the "let the past die" carry some real weight now that the movie takes itself much more seriously. And I dare say Luke gets a complete character development arc this time around that he never had before in the OT. I got invested in a thought that was always there, in the back of my head, but is completely fleshed out now, that Luke has always been a "grey" Jedi. The dynamics of his emotional burden and his perspective on the "Jedi Religion" start to justify his fall from grace in a way that only the editing could pull off. The fact that he still remains by the end of the cut though, is what gives everything shown before a purpose, that he didn't just vanish after some smoke and mirrors and still has to overcome his failures for the sake of what is right. I never thought I could see it all like this before the Anti-Cringe Cut.

Aside from that newfound focus, that are so many details in there that make the movie so much tighter I probably didn't even notice because of how much I was enjoying it. What did stick out though, was how things started to move incredibly fast by the last act, and made it feel a little off. The Crait sequence, in particular, is somewhat jarring: they land, the First Order prepares the ramming cannon, they attack on those junk ships, they give up on attacking the cannon, the cannon never fires but the Resistance is back to being cornered. It also introduces Rose by the first time in whole run she even gets to keep some of her dialogue, but along with everything, it just feels pointless. Aside from that, I thought there was still some cringe left with porgs, caretakers, and specially, the out-of-fuel and "people sinking with their ships" plot (this one I just can't get over).

Technically, what I did notice was some dropped frames here and there, and the audio gets slightly out of sync by the last 30 minutes or so, I don't recall exactly with which track. It might be on my end, of course, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

All things considered, The Last Jedi Anti-Cringe Cut was a great watch, and really pulled me back to Star Wars fandom and anticipation for what's still to come. Thank you DonKamillo for your work and passion!

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