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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Definitive Anti Cringe Cut)  - Fanedit Poster
FanFix September 08, 2018 28884
(Updated: May 22, 2020)
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I am absolutely anti the Disney Trilogy and TLJ was the worst one in my opinion. We’re in an age of deconstructing our heroes, but this was ridiculous. Now, with that being said of my views.....

Wow! There was a lot of time and effort and thought put into this edit. Without having watched the movie since opening night in theaters, I went into this completely fresh. Outside of 1 or 2 minor nitpicks, this was a HUGE improvement over the original cut. Canto Bight plot is not missed, but I missed seeing Finn. Here, with his reduced screen time, it does drive home what the DT ended up doing with him as having him a side character in the background.

Without all of the excess fat, the 2 major plot lines are more focused and surprisingly, Poe became likable for me since the mutiny plot is gone. I love that Luke lives and I love that ending leading into the next movie. The ending didn’t quite feel “Star Wars-y” as the scene felt like a mid-credits scene, but overall the DT doesn’t feel “Star Wars-y” either in general.

2 minor nitpicks

1. The emotional scene of Luke in front of his jedi robe in the trunk could’ve been used perfectly as him sensing Leia’s demise and his conflict with returning to action.

2. Since the narrative was altered to have more scenes take place at once on Acho-To (I think I spelled it right), it felt like it had been edited it didn’t quite have a natural flow. This isn’t a slight against Don, it just has to do with the material he had to work with.

Oh yeah! That one additional shot of the island from overhead was clearly slowed down and that bothered me surprisingly, but you work with what you have.

Overall, this was an excellent edit and Don didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, he fixed it for a much smoother ride through a bumpy road for Star Wars fans.

Applause all around for you, sir!
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