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Hi, Hal.

I go:
Ep. 4 - Adywan
Ep. 5 - Adywan
Ep. 6 - (pending Adywan….)
Ep. 1 - L8wtr
Ep. 2 - L8wtr
Ep. 3 - Hal
Ep. 7 - Hal
Ep. 8 - Hal
Ep. 9 - no one, I can’t stand this movie.

Yeah, I have total faith in Rian Johnson’s vision here, and while it will never be ESB (what is?), it took a lot of chances, suffered more flak than Yossarian, and endured.

Hal’s edit is my go to for a few obvious and needed changes (it’s always the garish humor that goes first, isn’t it?) Some restructuring works (all that Canto) and that ending is just fantastic.

I’m a sucker for Mark Hamill, a great childhood hero, will always be so for me, so to see him in action here, til the bitter dual-sunset end, will always have a place close to the hermetically-sealed, open-by-lightsaber-only nerd-attic of my soul (dig that metaphor!).

What Hal’s two edits have done for me is give the first two sequels a home in my ever-expanding library of SW to gnaw on when the mood hits (or, as I see it for my daughter, when it’s time to go to school and learn some modern mythology).

The Dude just can’t abide Episode 9! I just don’t react well when I even think about how they tossed Anakin’s redemption arc into the gutter for the sake of Superdaisy needing something to do.

By the end of this episode the writing was already on the wall for Finn, as it was for Poe (that poor, emasculated bastard), but this film, warts and all, even post-fan edit, does conclude what i consider to be an intriguing epilogue ala “Death of Michael Corleone”, an asterisk, *not* a story arc with any intrinsic value that needed to be told, and certainly not an organic conclusion to the Skywalker story.

Begin and end your sequel experiences with Hal’s 7 and 8. The force is open to anyone, broom boy is where the epilogue should end (bringing it home!) RJ was daring and correct; Hal gets it.

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