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Kenobi is a series that has a lot to like in it, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't pad things out a bit. Spence does a good job at distilling the series to it's most basic elements into feature-length, which is commendable. Unfortunately, so much is stripped away that the fanedit feels more like a time killer rather than something additive to the franchise.

Like many, I thought the end of the second fight between Obi-Wan & Vader was weak, because it ends with Obi-Wan letting Vader go more or less because neither of them's supposed to die yet, as opposed to an in-story reason that's satisfying. I respect Spence's decision to save the AotC-era & Order 66 flashbacks for his prequel edits, but it robs Kenobi's story of texture that would be vital in crafting a better reason why Obi-Wan let's Vader go, whether it's Obi-Wan still seeing some Anakin in Vader or turning down the chance to kill Vader in order to save Luke (which I surprisingly missed the assault on the Lars holmstead, otherwise it seems Owen's just fine with Ben showing up now).

All, a herculean task, but it's just not for me.

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