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FanMix August 22, 2012 6514
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Star Wars Renascent looked pretty awesome, it's quite an ambitious project, and it fails. I tried to like this edit, I really wanted to but I just couldn't. Out of place music and strange places in which it switches between movies were just weird. Using Adywan's revisited version of ANH was a good idea, but sadly that means many stupid special edition changes were still left in. AOTC remained as horrible as ever, leaving in atrocious dialogue in and keeping as much Jar Jar and shitty romance as possible, why?! Scenes intercut before they've actually played out, leaving many sequences with no resolution or outcome and just moving on to the next one after the occasional flashback. AOTC looks so much different than ANH and it stands out horribly, especially when deleted with incomplete CGI is used and it looks even worse than it already does! The tone and feel of AOTC and ANH clash and don't blend well, everything is just confusing and in your face. I feel like the only intention of this edit was to say "Hey look! AOTC completely ripped off that scene! Let's glorify obvious poorly done throwbacks and unoriginality!"

The audio quality is fine, nothing fuzzy or strange. The video quality on the other hand is terrible, this is a DVD9 folder, it should not be a grainy 480p video.

Visual editing was alright, though many times when it suddenly cut to flashbacks it seemed quite jarring. Many intercut sequences were awkward like Shmi, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's death. Strange color correction decisions were also very distracting, even when they were supposed to invoke emotion they just seemed flashy and pointless.

Audio editing... oh boy. When music was introduced into scenes it seemed to dominate the characters' voices, this was very apparent in the elevator scene with Obi-Wan and Anakin. So much of the music was very out of place and didn't feel like star wars. The death of Anakin's mom and Luke's uncle and aunt was a good concept but didn't play out well due to sudden changes in musical scoring and all sound effects disappearing were extremely distracting.

Over all, this is ANH: Revisited with some of the worst clips from AOTC cut into it. This does not provide an entertaining experience, it shows how far off the prequels are from the original trilogy.

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November 01, 2015
Helpful review - but why did you score it so highly? You gave "enjoyment" a 7/10 but slaughtered in the review. you also said audio editing was terrible - but you gave it 6/10?
Which is it? Is it awful, or is it passable and good for a watch?
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