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FanMix June 19, 2012 3238
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to lewis866. this is the first fan edit of the prequels that i have seen, but i think you delivered a great edit for what most people who hate jar jar and "annie" would have wanted. however, i really can't believe you spent over a year working on this, when the video quality is so poor, even for dvd. plus splitting it onto two dvds was a really bad idea, as it interrupted the flow immensely, especially having to watch your warning and lucasflim logo again. at the quality it was at, it could have fitted onto one disc. also, there are moments where the story jumps too far without enough explanation, like the arena battle in episode two. it just happens. as for jar jar, his subtitles could have been more menacing, giving the film an edge that the kiddie shelf originals didn't have. for example, there was no reason for him to discuss his father, since we don't really care who the senior gungan is. it would have been better if jar jar was screaming to spill the blood of the invaders, or something and his "father" later calling for death to droids? actually, it only occurred to me while watching your edit, that only real casualties in the "clone wars" were clones and droids - both of which are made in factories, so who cares if the get killed? still, a vast improvement on what that twat lucas did.

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