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Rogue One is a movie I quite enjoyed. For me it is far and away the best Star Wars movie since 1980. That said, it wasn't perfect and certainly among of its biggest faults were the fan service/Easter eggs throughout and a frenetic opening act (I'm defining the opening act as the scenes that lay the groundwork for what is happening in the present day of the film; i.e. after the prologue).

This edit is seamless and I'm sure someone unfamiliar with the original wouldn't detect any "amateur" edits. Many of the most egregious call backs to the OT are excised. And the movie is better for it. The opening act is much more streamlined. That alone makes this version superior. The opening jumps directly from the young Jyn prologue to Jyn in prison to her being rescued from the prison transport. There are no scenes of Bodhi or Cassian. We meet Cassian when Jyn does. A first time viewer may conclude that the prologue ends with Jyn being captured by the Empire. But that potential misconception is quickly dispelled.

The universe-shrinking Easter eggs and callbacks are mercifully reduced. We don't see the Cantina duo nor do we see R2 and C3PO. We do see the characters that make sense such as the X-Wing pilots.

Overall this is a great improvement on an already excellent film. It now feels like a Star Wars movie that stands on its own and doesn't overly rely on our nostalgia. Recommended!

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Owner's reply September 03, 2017

Thank you Moe for your review and constant push to make this the best edit it could be. Your input has been invaluable :) Thanks for helping this edit become what it needed to be :)

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