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Watched the MP4 today, and had a very entertaining time.

I am not a Star Wars guy, though I do have a deep nostalgic fondness for the original trilogy and this fan edit does elicit a more classic Star Wars feel without being too fan oriented. It is amazing how by simply (well, not simple from a technical stand point -- well done as always TM2YC) creating an original style opening immediately put me in the Star Wars zone. But TM2YC does more than this of course.... his reordering/restructuring of scenes creates a more fluid narrative and the additional/alteration of music cues/score (TM2YC always does FANTASTIC music work and Rogue One is another shining example of his master craftsmanship) creates a more emotional connection to the story and it's characters. While still not a perfect movie, TM2YC has done an exemplary job and for me has elevated the film above it's original cut.

My only nit pick observation, the time passage title card says "13 years later" but Jyn states in her interrogation with the Rebels that it has been 15 years since she last saw her father. Unless I missed a detail...? lol

Otherwise, another excellent edit by the ever exceptional TM2YC.

Thumbs Up.
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