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Review by spelledaren — March 23, 2010 @ 10:29 pm

I was intrigued when this came out the first time, but never got around to watching it. This second version sounded like a good reason.

The main problem I had wih this is pacing and building tension. Things happen and are dramatic and stuff, but we have no build up (at least not in the first part). Characters are not introduced, and over everything is a sense of ‘whatever’, I don’t care so much what happens here. There are some clever cuts, in particular making Amidala into two characters allows for some creative editing of the first movie, some other cuts are just downright confusing. And if I’m not crazy, watching the avi I find the audio goes out of sync in the opera scene.

I did kinda like the transition into the third movie, there was so much crap that we didn’t have to see. The third movie turns out to be the focus of this edit, but it’s not so much a movie about Obi-wan as a general fixing of stuff that wasn’t so good. That could have worked out, but like this it doesn’t really give us something new and still leaves in a bunch of bad movie making.

Video editing is excellent. Audio editing is ok. Several transitions are weird, swells and music changes don’t always work so well.

In the end this didn’t do that much for me. In some parts I found I prefered the original (horrid thought!). The best thing about this one was to me that we could skip a lot of the movies. JasonN says himself that this edit didn’t satisy and went on to make edits of each prequel. I hope that endevour worked out better.

5 / 10
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