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Review by flyboy707 — April 10, 2010 @ 5:33 pm

I had been fairly reluctant to watch this edit for two reasons:

1) I have grown tired of Star Wars prequel edits. I think there is an abundance of fanedits available that cover a very wide range of ideas/viewpoints/etc. and I would like to see these exceptionally skilled faneditors turn their attention to other projects.

2) I just wasn’t sure how all three movies could be successfully edited down to one watchable, coherent “movie”.

I rarely read any of the reviews posted before I D/L an edit; it allows me to watch an edit without any pre-concieved notiions. So, I I D/L’d this edit purely based upon my previous expereinces with JASONN’s work.

As far as the technical aspects of the edit: the video quality is excellent. As previous reviewers have already mentioned, there are some abrupt changes to scenes and it makes me feel like I am watching a very long “preview trailer” or highlights show of the best parts of the prequels (if such a thing can truly be said about these movies).

As the other reviewers have already said, the music score makes a great many abrupt changes, ends etc that very much distracted me while I was watching the edit. I completely agree that this increases the “hurried” pace, “I’m watching a highlights show” feel of the edit.

I have already deleted this edit form my network drives. It is just something I would not watch again.

I understand what JASONN was attemtping to do and encourage him to continue to create edits that are not the typical “cut scenes” type. One of the reasons I come here is to not only see someone improve a movie thru fanediting, but to see a new/different interpretation of a movie thru the fanediting process.
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