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I've been long a huge fan of smudger9's edits, as others have been (where are the reviews for this one, guys?!?). He's back, and with another that was almost obliged to be made.

DARK is, indeed, the key word here. This one's not for the kiddies. My young daughter has grown up now watching a lot of you guys' fanedits, including smudger's Clone Wars edits, but this story arc always made me a little uncomfortable. It's violent, and dark, and really pretty gruesome. Of course, it's awesome in an ESB kind of fashion, but it almost doesn't feel like Star Wars, and I mean that in a good way. Anakin and Obi-Wan make their obligatory appearances and such, but they know they're second banana and almost seem like they want OUT of here. The main focus is on the two brothers and the witches, and they relish in their role.

One of my favorite things about the success of the Clone Wars is how it managed to save Anakin's character from Hayden hell. His scenes here fit perfectly in with the characters gradual downhill slope. I've mentioned how I feel before in other reviews, so I won't do that again, but bravo to Dave and his creative team for realizing the character so beautifully. They're even bringing back TCW for another season next year, woo hoo!

So, smudger, as long as you keep making these edits, I'll keep watching them. It puts the respectful Clone Wars story arc into a fine "way to watch it", as if these stories should always have been 2-hours films. Seriously, though, guys, keep the real younglings away from this one for now - it's just motherf'ing disturbing, all that Darth-Maul-with-the-spider-legs...

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