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(Updated: November 25, 2021)
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I was hit with a huge wave of nostalgia upon seeing that old Twentieth Century Fox logo and seeing that non special edition footage, really felt like I was reliving some great memories of my childhood though as to the inclusion of the deleted scenes they really help to make Luke’s and Biggs friendship more meaningful and when it comes time for Bigg’s character to be killed of it now hits much harder than it did originally as I can now sympathise with Luke on the joy of being reunited with a close friend again only to experience the pain of having lost that friend again and knowing that this time they won't come back.

Luke also has a little more depth and growth thanks to these scenes accompanying the rest of the movie though I do wish you could have found a way to remove all the visual lines and black crackles that plagued the footage of the deleted scenes though I am aware that there’s only so much editing software can do well at least until better editing software comes out.

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