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(Updated: November 12, 2023)
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The work done on this movie is absolutely impeccable, it felt like a fresh viewing experience of a movie I've seen throughout my life growing up. The smoothing out of the stopmotion used for the tauntaun and AT-ATs was a great improvement and worthy bit of modernization in this film. Cloud city was looking better than ever as well, especially the balcony scene. Yoda's mouth movements in Dagobah were noticeable, but it wasn't off-putting and I appreciated the effort put into it. I was watching this edit with some friends who were also lifelong star wars fans, and some of them just thought that "the puppets were just that well done back then".
Those are just the major edits I noticed during a casual watch, the other improvements can definitely be felt but are almost impossible to pick out due to how well they are implemented. I truly believe Andywan's edits are the definitive way to enjoy the original trilogy, and I can't wait for him to release his episode III edit.

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