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After almost a decade of anticipation, The Empire Strikes Back: Revisited is finally here... though I’m a little late to the game because I wanted to wait until The Last Jedi came out. Nevertheless... does this edit live up to the hype? BIG YES.

The Empire Strikes Back has never been better. The effort put into it is amazing. Once again, it’s still Irvin Kirshner’s The Empire Strikes Back, but all the technical issues that should have been fixed in the Special Edition, has been fixed. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Probably my favorite improvement is the Emperor hologram. Neither the theatrical nor the Special Edition Emperor works for me. The theatrical edition, while I appreciate the effort put into creating him, and like his look more than the Special Edition Emperor, is simply inconsistent with Return of the Jedi and the Prequels, too much for me to accept him. However a big plus to him was how he was hidden in shadows and how mysterious he was. I love the feel of the scene with the theatrical Emperor.

The Special Edition Emperor, while this time fits in the continuity, unfortunately removes all mystery he had. They shot the scene during the shooting of Revenge of the Sith, and his whole face is showing, removing any feeling of mystery and fear. He just appears as a generic evil lord.

Thankfully Adywan has created a perfect “best of both worlds” version of the Emperor. Not only is he consistent with the saga, both by looks and by voice, but he’s also covered in shadows and is very mysterious, very much like the theatrical Emperor.

I also LOVE that Jason Wingreen’s voice as Boba Fett has been restored. I don’t care if he’s a clone, there are many factors that affect voice, and Temuera Morrison just sounds like he doesn’t give a fuck. Wingreen’s gravely voice is just awesome and complements the coolness of the character, even if I’m not head over heels for him like most other fans do.

Other than these obvious ones: the color correction is fantastic, the continuity kept is great, all fixed technical details are fantastic, all additions are fitting and looks amazing. Empire was never better. Thumbs WAY up!
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