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FanMix June 05, 2014 7958
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This is an edit that took me a little while to absorb, but when I got into it and began to understood the tell the story of people clutching onto to 20th century ideology as the years of galactic conflict shape them in different ways. There are some inspired visual and audio editing in this trim, particulary at the begining with the World War reels and a rather amusing exchange between the Emperor and Vader. I was told by the editor the intent was to make this film appear more and more dream-like as it went on and the narrative absolutely conveys that as it has a variety of visual styles and surreal moments. Everything does make make cohearant sense despite these turns and when you sit through the story, you feel like you may have actually learned a bit, you could actively debate this film in college or university. This editor trusts his audience for this kind of thing, and it's given him the confidence to dare to be different. Very strong, thought-provoking and mind-bending work

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