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(Updated: June 19, 2014)
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This is a very difficult edit for me to review; I liked it, but I didn't like it. I will try to explain. The editors use of various sources to put together one narrative was very clever, and worked on a certain level. However, I could never fully become immersed and buy into these various back stories taking place anywhere but earth, especially with so many mentions of the US, Italy the English, etc. In the end it felt like what it was; a bunch of WWII movies interlaced with star wars footage. I felt that some of the back stories could have been effectively shortened. After the back stories played out, the film became just another re-watch of episode IV, until the surprise ending.

Now on to the things I really liked **Spoilers**

The storyline of Count Dooku being Darth Vader was clever and well thought out. What I really enjoyed the most, however was the ending. Ingenious, the way you turned the end of episode IV on its head and made the bad guys win. The ending footage of Han Solo and Kenobi was perfect and conveyed the mood precisely.

I can see that the editor put a tremendous amount of work into this edit and should be rightfully proud of this edit.

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