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(Updated: July 28, 2014)
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I had a hard time with this edit. I felt the connections between the different sources were tenuous, but I think if the length had been shorter I would have been more likely to try to go along for the ride. I felt like the ride didn't fully get going until firmly in New Hope territory. It was a lot like flipping through channels for 90 minutes until running across Star Wars and then watching that for a while. (I have attempted to watch this a second time, which is why I am editing my review again.)
There were some neat special fx seeing the incomplete Death Star in the sky at one point, and I liked some things toward the end, particularly the shots of Harrison Ford and Alec Guinness looking sad.
I am eager to read other reviews.

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Owner's reply July 08, 2014


Thanks for the review!

So.....where to begin.....

Are you right in the head? I need to ask. Enjoyment is subjective, so I am not about to tell you right from wrong here. But when you seem to have based your opinion on some really random points that have no bearing on reality, then I really feel the need to say something in support of myself. I can quite happily accept that not everyone will like this. That is fine. I am a big boy. I can handle it. What I can NOT handle are untruths and a poor review written by someone who has clearly not properly watched this edit, if they watched it at all.

So, where do we start then? (this should be fun)

Firstly, if you didn't want to watch a 3 hour film, then why the hell did you download and watch a 3 hour film?

Secondly, did you actually watch it? It seems more like you have read the outline and made up a fantasy edit in your head. Like, maybe you read about it and thought the idea wasn't sound, contemplated it, let it fester and bubble until you couldn't stand it any more and then came here to unleash some random "review". Maybe your bad feelings are based in your own inadequacies. I'm not really sure. But your rundown of the edit seems to be based on some kind of strange idea that you hatched in your head and not of what was actually produced, accepted, enjoyed and uploaded. Maybe you DID actually "watch" it, but I think you were FAR from actually paying any attention. Were you doing other things while it was playing? Like, maybe you were chatting with the voices in your head. Or maybe some girl you fancied didn't accept your gift of homemade knob cheese and you needed to vent. Who knows? For starters, no, it is NOT simply random films just stapled together. This is the first sign that you have not actually watched it. There are constant threads woven throughout the film linking everything. Yeah, it can be complicated sometimes, and maybe thinking isn't your thing. I don't know! Did you expect to just see a Star Wars film? Well sorry, but that isn't the point of a FanMix. There was no "bridge being built on some random planet". The bridge is referring to the bridge of a vessel, in this case, the Death Star. You need to let go of your preconceived ideas of the meaning of "bridge" and its context in the original film. I know it can be hard to separate what is already cemented in your head and maybe open your mind a little, but you should give it a go. You'll learn all sorts of new things. The Death Star bridge that these prisoners were building was CLEARLY explained at several points. It couldn't be any clearer. I'd love to try and ease any other misgivings might you have about how things "weren't connected", but you didn't really get into much detail. So: bridge, clearly explained. It isn't my fault if you are too thick to understand it.

And the films ARE all connected, narrative wise. The whole point of a FanMIX edit is to create something totally new with the familiar. You need to open your mind, let go of what you know about the original works. This edit is SUPPOSED to be a little different. It is SUPPOSED to make the viewer think a little bit, ponder it, not just stare through the screen, pausing randomly to point their finger at the cat and make laser "pew! pew!" sounds and then sop up the drool. If there is anything else that needs explaining, I'd be more than happy to talk with you about it, because trust me; I spent a long time fine tuning this edit to make sure that things DID match up and DID flow. I know this edit in tiny detail. I am VERY confident that I can explain any and all aspects of this edit and how one thing fits in with another and how it all comes together at the end. Maybe some things flew right over your head. Give it another watch. Maybe....just'll start to understand it.

Thirdly, thank you for your helpful comment about maybe using different music throughout to link things a little. That's a great idea. Ooh, that's right! I actually DID THAT! I even went to the incredible effort of changing sound effects, adding subtitles and changing lines, giving characters new names and backgrounds that THREAD EVERYTHING TOGETHER. Seriously, there are literally hundreds of tiny cuts, additions and changes throughout. I am surprised that you seemed to miss them all. I mean, yeah, you'd probably miss some due to the high volume, but ALL of them?? Wow. That's really something.

Look, sorry to come off bitter,, actually, I'm not.

Again, enjoyment is completely subjective and I appreciate you rating highly on the editing score. But your complaints are not based on what was produced. Example: if you had have said something like, "Yes, I can see what is going on here but I just didn't enjoy it", that would make sense! This kind of edit really isn't for everyone, and that is fine! I don't WANT to make edits that are for everyone! That is why IFDb has these write ups. You can spend time reading up on things and figure out what might interest you. Look at sources used and other reviews and RUNNING TIMES. That way you won't waste your time on something that you will clearly hate, like this edit.

Look, I understand that it's probably not your fault. It's the same reason that Justin Bieber will sell more records than Damon Albarn, or that more people will watch American Idol than they will Les Revenants. Not everything can appeal to the lowest common denominator. That's fine. I get that. But PLEASE, I beg you, do the next fan editor a favor and actually watch the film before you stab at the keyboard randomly with your stumpy fingers (yeah, broad assumption there, but I'm fine with it). Feel free to rate enjoyment as low. That is seriously FINE. I don't care what your OPINION is. But what I DO care about is someone trashing something that they do not understand. I DO care when someone is giving a really false representation of what this edit is about and what it contains. I CANNOT STAND an untruth. And based on what you have written and formed your opinion on, it is clear that my film was either not watched or not really had any attention paid to it.

So thank you for the review. I really appreciate it. I am fine to leave it here, along with this response. I don't want you to change it. No, no...PLEASE leave it here for all to see. It is a great example of what a poorly thought out review looks like. Others can read it and learn from your mistakes and know how to maybe form a sentence and articulate exactly how they feel about a fan edit properly, instead of just spewing out whatever fantasy world bull shit popped into their head.

I have saved your review to my computer. I can look at it when I am feeling down or uninspired. I can read it, breath it in, let my frustrations float away with the wind and know that if a halfwit like you didn't like my work, then I must be doing everything right.

Oh, and you'll be pleased to know that I am already in the very early stages of the sequel! It's going to be great! Please stay away.

Yours sincerely,

T-Bone x x x x

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