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FanFix April 06, 2022 3724
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First of all, this edit is awesome in so many ways. Not only it has very good Audio/Video quality but it also includes subtitles. Subtitles are always welcome. Color grading is also very good in this one and actually noticeable. This edit also provides a seamless experience and cuts a lot of the bad stuff.

Now coming to the stuff I did not like. The narrative and pacing on the Episode IX part is not my cup of tea. The VII and VIII parts are super fun to watch but IX part seemed a bit boring to me as was the original The Rise of Skywalker movie. But since you've done such a good job for the first two movies I definitely think ROS part can be improved further.

I also did not like Leia having a purple light saber. Doesn't make sense for so many reasons.
I also did not like the empty screen when Rey has visions while she was training. Other editors have done a better job on that part.

Given the source material I still enjoyed it a lot especially VII and VII parts. So I recommend this to everyone. That being said I still feel IX part can be improved to a lot by pacing it faster.

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