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This edit is fantastic. I prefer films to TV shows because I just don't have the time to spend on TV. I bought the Mandalorian Season One and Two and had managed to finish it. I enjoyed Season One, with a few caveats. The adventure-of-the-week format that a lot of episodes followed wasn't my cup of tea, but I was invested in the overarching plot...and that is exactly what this edit gives us. Some purists may not like the changes made to make the story flow better but I thought Smudger's solutions were creative and well-implemented given the limitations he had to work with. The new scene transitions all work well and all-in-all, it feels pretty close to a legit Star Wars movie.

The only knock I can possibly give it is in the 'asides', or 'meanwhile...'-type scenes that are occasionally added to explain segments of the plot, which seem somewhat out of place--and the casual pace of the story (which betrays it as a TV show). Looking through the change list, it appears that a *lot* of trims have already been made, so perhaps that is unavoidable.

At any rate, this is my preferred method to re-visit this clunky but occasionally delightful series, with the filler removed and the story intact. Great work!

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