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The streamlining of the story to start with Clark being a hero through the eyes of Louis or at least through her investigation and incorporating the opinion of his human father is great, and is all done before the 20 minute-mark, while never giving the impression that something is missing. The most important parts to the story are still there up until now. Important story parts on Krypton are inserted later as flashbacks. The blurring of Clark's face to make his identity a secret was very creative. Although I truly understand what tremault was going for and I fully agree with her decisions, I must admit that there are some seemingly abrupt scene changes, when in one scene there is music playing and in the other there is not. But this is due to a flashback scene and to make them stand out as such, at least this is my interpretation of it, and when the scene closes it all makes sense again. For example when Clark tells his human mother about this "real" parents. Loved that Clark's human father does not tell him not to save him in the hurricane scene. That bothered me in the original cut. Well done! I loved that he thinks about his dad before, during and after the final Zod showdown, reminding him of his "human side" and his father being his "conscience". The Perry White scenes in the credits and the final text is really amazing! :)
Another edit well done by tremault!

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