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Review by Neglify — September 23, 2011 @ 12:12 am

Firstly, I’m not going to review the video or audio quality. The only version available when I downloaded it was the mp4, which reduces video quality.

Overall 9/10. The only edit that was VERY noticeable is when adult Richie comes to the library in Derry. He’s singing in his car, then you cut to the library and he runs in frantically, scared. I understand cutting out the marquee displaying the year (1990) due to wanting to keep it set in the 80s, but you should have cut the shot of him driving as well.

Presentation: N/A due to downloading mp4.

Overall 6/10.
Okay, this really isn’t all your fault on this. The mini-series really messed up on Part Two. The dialog is almost unbearable in a lot of scenes. The real gems of that mini-series were the child actors. All their scenes keep the viewer watching. But they decided to have 95% of the children scenes in Part One and then they had two short flashback scenes in Part Two.

Now, with your edit, you decided to have it flow chronologically. This was not very wise. The first 45 minutes are really entertaining and awesome to see it all flow together so nicely without having “Six Phone Calls” as a bookend for each scene. But once the kids put Pennywise out of commission the movie drags on for 2 hours.
So, the kid’s section was beautifully done. But, a lot more could have been edited out of the adult section.

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