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First of all big thanks for Wakeupkeo for bringing also this movie from the DC to us in a way less bad version! :)
However the "bad guys" in the original movie material are so bad, it's almost impossible to fix. The dark witch-side of the enchantress is really made well, but has too little time and influence in the movie and too little part of the story, but the version were Cara Delevingne is clearly visibly playing her never worked for me, since we all know why she was hired for the role and it's not because of her good acting. Also that her brother is purely CGI during the important parts makes for 2 really un-compelling villains for our team to be a threat.

Otherwise all the other characters were portrayed way more interestingly in this version, I can gladly say. If there were better villains (with a better role than standing half of the movie with the back in the camera waving at the sky at a CGI cloud *smg*) this could have been a really cool flic for the DC series. Of course, this is not Wakeupkeo 's fault whatsoever since I don't know if cutting more out of the bad guy scenes would diminish the entire story. I just wished there was a way to hide more of the weaknesses of the villains is what I am trying to say.

In the edit itself, the only thing that took me out of it was the subtitles of the newly edited translations. I think the words are chosen well but the style of the subs totally does not fit to the movie, it looks like someone edited it in with her/his personal subtitle style, but it's clear that it was never part of the real movie. This is the only time I ever saw something like this in a fanedit, that a hardcoded subtitle looks like it does no belong,

But besides these two things I enjoyed the rest very well, so the potential is always there with Wakeupkeo, which makes me excited to watch even more of his edits :)

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