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Now, I was never a huge hater of the original version of the Suicide Squad (2016). I recognized all the movie's problems, but watched it and had my fair share of fun with it. However, that one time at the movie theater was pretty much the only time I watched the movie. Never had a huge desire to rewatch it. This edit and the good reviews made my reconsider. Plus, the Ayer cut is still in the unreleased form, so... why not?

In short? It is the better version of what people got in 2016. Does it make it a good movie? No. It's still and average popcorn flick. The edit tries its damnest to smooth the rough corners of the inconsistent mess that was. It succeeds 100%. However, the movie has fundamental issues, which can not be edited around. So, in short, that is the go-to version if you ever decide to rewatch the movie, or if you decide to watch it for the first time even, but do not expect it to be some brand new experience, that will drastically change your opinion

Techincally wise it's great. The cuts are seamless, the sound is solid. There were a few moments where you feel the cut, but for 95% of the movie you don't. As someone else said, I would prefer all the pop songs to be cut as well and changed to some more neutral soundtrack. It would fit the whole narrative better

Joker is almost completely gone, and, unsurprisingly, his scenes don't add anything to the movie and that edit shows that he could've been easily scrapped altogether. Then again, I am one of those who think that Harley Quinn goes with the Joker, so you got to have him, even in that little capacity that he was in the edit. That said, Joker scenes in the original added some wildcard element to the original story, which made the whole thing more engaging. Here, being as brief as they are. they feel out of place. Like, we need to set up Joker's attempt at rescuing Harley, so we have to leave some scenes in

I highly recommend this edit, but expect the similar movie from 2016. Don't get your hopes up, that it is the unofficial Ayer cut that turns the theatrical cut on its head. It's not. But it's good on its own and does the best it can with the content it had to work with. I love that it's called 'Special Edition'. Simple, effective and truthful. Instead of some pompous naming, it went with the straight one. So, temper your expectations accordingly

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