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FanMix March 13, 2023 1603
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First, let me say that the video and audio editing, as well as the matching of the footage is superb here. I saw no problem with the technical aspects of the mash-up. And it's a rather bold choice to make "Superman 4" the primary focus of the early story. I have said in the past that fanedits like "Superman: Redeemed" gave way to making 3 and 4 a great intermediary piece that would fit nicely between "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman 2."

I believe the faneditor has set out to do what he wanted and it works on a certain level.

Personally, I think a lot of the really shoddy elements of Superman 4 should have been trimmed, and that comprised my biggest personal issues with this fanedit. Also, there are a lot of competing storylines in this version, so it may be a bit much for the average viewer... makes Spiderman 3 feel simplistic.

There are some really good scenes in Superman 3 and 4. Weaving those into a coherent narrative while discarding the irrelevant, distracting, or outright garbage is a challenge, and I applaud ANY faneditor for taking up the task. I do recommend this fanedit. I think it is full of great ideas. Perhaps this one would work better broken up into "TV Episode" length segments, rather than one full-length movie. Personally, I feel this fanedit is a bit too "all-over-the-place" in its current form.

I know I ranked this lowest on narrative, and part of that reflects the faneditor's own decision to focus on a comic book "feel" and a bit less on narrative structure. There is nothing wrong with that approach, but this seems to vacillate between action and competing plots a bit too freely. There were also plenty of moments where I was thinking, "Ugh... why did you retain that scene?"

Having said that, I do think there are novel approaches in this fanedit that do merit praise. Choosing to keep Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor), but making him a computer hacker all-along can actually work, as evidenced in this story. Using the battle with Nuclear Man as the trigger for the breaking of the Phantom Zone prison can also work. I like this more as an "experimental" work than any real narrative, as it really lacks key structural components to make it fully coherent and logical story-wise.

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