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FanMix March 13, 2023 1725
(Updated: April 16, 2024)
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Don't come to watch a serious Superman mashup of the later films in the series. But don't stop reading yet. This edit highlights and elevates the pure schlock of the later Superman films. As the editor says: "I patched together... an outrageous, preposterous plot."
As they said, some of the good, or slow, plot elements are cut in order to allow the absurd to rise to the top for all to see, but that is okay. I knew that going in. I enjoyed watching the absurdity of it.
I actually recommend you watch this version as a pair with the fanedit Superman Resurrection. That edit takes all the serious parts of the sequels and puts them together, whereas this edit I am reviewing takes all the goofy elements and puts them together. I honestly think they work well together as a pair viewing. The discussions you could have afterwards comparing and contrasting these two edits that use the same source material in vastly different ways is a testament to how much editors can change it and have it feel completely natural to watch in a new way.

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Owner's reply February 10, 2024

thank you inightmares for the high praise! many blessings

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