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Review by Phlegmbot — January 10, 2011 @ 12:02 am

I hate to give a negative review on ANY Fan Edit, b/c I understand how much work goes into this. And, on the the tech side, the video was very well done. The audio, however, well, there are a LOT of bad music and sound skips and cuts. Sadly, I couldn’t finish watching this Fan Edit. While technically it IS impressive, the editor just doesn’t have a full grasp of story.

It’s OK to remove unfinished scenes (e.g., Lois jumping out the window at the Daily Planet), but one needs to understand how this effects the overall story as well as the flow of those scenes. Taking the window-jump scene as an example, the place at which it cuts to Lex and Otis makes no sense — the conversation was not complete. And, oddly, that conversation is picked up who-knows-how-many days later at Niagara Falls, where Superman’s appearance is completely cut out. So, what you’re telling me the viewer is that Lois started a conversation about Superman in Perry’s office and, several days later, in Niagara, for no specific reason, that conversation is continuing at almost the exact same spot?

It simply doesn’t make any sense.

These edits, and an error I’m seeing in a lot of Superman II re-edits, are also creating another problem: too much focus on Lex and Miss Tessmacher. This edit in particular really makes the fist 35 minutes Lex’s movie.

And, again, I must protest the use of the Pink Bear scene. As a child, it was the one thing which didn’t work for me (Clark PRETENDS to be a klutz, he isn’t actually one…never mind that his hand doesn’t look like it’s touching the fire at all [BTW, did you add fire to that shot? Looks like it. Nice work!).

The edits get really harsh after that. Cutting off the 3 villains after Non shoots himself was sudden and uncomfortable. Starting the Fortress scene which follows where it starts doesn’t really work either.

From there I had to skip to the end. I moved directly to “He switched it…I mean the light were on out here…”

Again, the edit here is problematic. Lex is left in the Fortress (although I like when the scene cuts, we need to see the patrols taking Lex away) as Lois and Clark hug then head back to Metropolis.

I VERY much liked the choice to have Superman drop off a broken-hearted Lois and head back to the diner. That was truly perfect. However, you’ve left out fixing the White House, Superman’s apology to the president and the like. And that, again, does not work story-wise. It leaves the A-story incomplete as Superman never made up for his error. It also doesn’t seem like he learned from it.

Nevertheless, the amount work which went into this is impressive.

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