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Bobson's edit will be the end-all-be-all for this film, which has its intrinsic ups and downs, but I never wanted to ever give up on it, as, yes, this is childhood and a film I grew to love, despite Lester's silliness.

Donner's official edit was noble, but seemed a little haphazard. Our intrepid editor here has taken the narrative and - most importantly - has drawn it out, and developed the nuances of the scenes that matter while, yes, killing the silliness in general and getting it together. Is it just me, or does the Lois-falling-out-of-the-building-scene just look better than it did on the Donner cut?

The ending with the trucker, btw: love it. It's funny, because, yes, in the alternate timeline there is no need for the "unprovoked attack", but in this case it's totally Kal-El getting a little private revenge that only he knows about. Justified? Well, who knows, but it's a snarky little move - who hasn't dreamed of such things? Kal-El isn't infallible! In fact, the irony is that this is his all-too-human moment, a moment perhaps "beneath" him, but very human nonetheless.

Brilliant narrative, careful, well-paced, and essential. I'm not a fan of most superhero movies and couldn't care less about anything Marvel, but Superman I and II are parts of growing up in the early 1980s, and anyone who was a kid in those days knows what it means to feel that chill when Zod realizes what Kal-El pulled off in the chamber during the film's climax.

Beautiful edit, Bobson! -

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