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Ever since the Donner cut was released way back in 2006 there's been many fanedits of Superman II through the years, the most notable to me was Booshman's which I'd lost to hard drive failure.
Last week I watched Wraith's superman edit and reading that this was the perfect edit to acompany that with, I relinquished in the chance to give it a watch.

Not sure where to start talking with this edit, so I'll just jump right in with the thing I particularly liked and add points from there, the first is the pacing, the first hour flew by so quickly, no sooner are the Kryptonians freed we're seeing what Clark and Lois are doing, then we have Lex's escape, I appreciate Zod not speaking Russian - even if Aliens speaking fluent English is a stretch in itself. After the moon sequence there's quite a bit more time before we get to the main 3 again, Once we get past the sequence with the Sheriff and the deputy when we next come back to them they have all but decimated the town - I really liked the way Zod blew the fire back, just a few seconds cut removed the bad flame animation but we got the gist of what he'd done.

There's always a preference in communities about which scenes are better in regard to Lois attempt to be saved and the Superman reveal. I've never minded the Rapids sequence in the Lester cut but the Tripping over the rug is just a far less interesting reveal. Lois is no fool and is onto Clark immediately at the start of the film, and after her first failed attempt explains her reason bluntly "I was risking my life" I think the Bullet scene is quite possibly Lois at her most cunning as a reporter and one of my favourite Lois scenes in all of superman.

It's such a silly moment but I really like the assault on the whitehouse, Zod wouldn't need to use human weapons, but when he's firing that gun, the glee on Terence Stamp's face is priceless. I always liked that Donner tried to keep all three of them as a capable threat, even if myself as a child appreciated that Non was the silly one that couldn't figure out his powers.

I don't like the time reversal, but as explained before the credits roll, this is the redux of the Donner cut from 2006 that should have been to the closest specifications of the director's vision, for that I respect it.

Also: maybe I'm misremembering the booshman edits from years ago (Plus I haven't revisited them on any blu ray) but I remembered the deleted scenes being far blurrier than here, there were a couple of far away shots where the artic police looked a little bad but you could reason that to so much dry ice being on screen. But I thought all were reintegrated really well.

This was once again, the perfect viewing for a Sunday afternoon.
Thank you Bobson

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