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Review by flyboy707 — January 2, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

Since there are a largenumber of reviews, that are very detailed, I doubt that I can contribute anything else to the reviews of this edit.

Nonetheless, I will try. It is important to note, I have never watched any of the Superman movies beyond Superman II. I just watched “Superman:The Movie” (the four disc special edition) and “Superman II” (the richard donner cut) about two months ago. This is the first time I had watched either of these movies since I was 7 years old and they were in the theater. Even as a 7 year old, these movies were a big disappointment to me – too many “UGH” moments, even then.

So, any viewing of any of these movies is like watching them for the first time.

I liked this edit. First, the technical stuff. 5/5 for video and audio quality. A few peopple have mentioned the basic DVD menu and lack of “extras”, I personally don’t care. A fanedit is ALWAYS about the movie for me. Even on stor bought blu-ray/dvd movies, I watch the “extars” once and rarely again.

Adigitalman doesn’t disappoint. He takes two these two movies and weaves them into a coherent movie. having never watched III or IV, I have no idea what parts belong to which movie and his edit is so well done, I can’t tell you by watching this.. I can definitely tell why I have never watchedthe originals, these movies are just not thta good. I would definitely say this edit is absolutely worth the D/L time. I didn’t feel like I had completely wasted my time.

For me, ADigitalman is largely becoming my editor of choice.
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