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I watched this edit earlier in the week, i've always had a love hate relationship with superman returns, there's just so much that doesn't really fit into the movie and superman doesn't really get much chance to do a whole great deal of super things.

Along comes the Resolved edit, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each leap will scale a tall building in a single bound. Well for the most part it works, Superman doesn't get to do more super things but he does have some of his weaker moments removed.

Unlike some people I've always found Spacey's lex to be a little too over the top, just like Gene Hackman's, hindsight is not my friend, after being subjected to the likes of Clancy Brown's ruthless businessman in the animated series, or Michael Rosenbaum's bad guy pretending to be a nicer guy with bad intentions the older lex feels like a joke in comparison. So toning him down actually worked for me, Kitty and Lois are also reduced in their annoying traits, so I am greatful for that.
Like others I didn't really like Richards rescue sequence, I think it works but barely and as Isaid superman barely gets to do a great deal (stops the plane, walks into a machine gun and then that disasters sequence near the end before the island) so depriving him of one more thing seems a little bit silly. I think everything is pretty solid choices until the last 20 mins or so, because without the stabbing we never really get a feel for supermans weakness and lex's escape seems a little apbrupt, I actually prefer the island sequence too because its a silly little closure.

It is is better than the theatrical but it's not my preferred edit. It's certainly a valiant effort and I like that you tried to do completely different things from other people

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Owner's reply April 01, 2013


Thank you for taking the time to watch the project, and for your honest and thorough review. I don't think that using the Lex island ending would have been such a bad thing if it was tagged on the end after the credits. (as another reviewer pointed out). Perhaps down the road a bit I'll release a blu-ray version and take a second look at the rescue while I'm at it.

All the best!


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