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As many of my fellow forum members know, I LOVE SUPERMAN! LOVE HIM!!!
After a certain bionic astronaut, he is my ultimate hero.

And I even enjoy SUPERMAN RETURNS. I don't love it as much I want to, but I do appreciate it for some wonderful moments.

I have watched many Superman Returns fan edits over the years, and I can say this latest one is very good. Not perfect, and not my preferred fan edit, but it is good.

The editor shows strong storytelling ability, trimming much of the fat and exposition without losing the emotional core of the story. Lois is slightly less annoying which is very good. I think Lex may have been slightly over edited, but Spacey's performance is a tricky balancing act to edit with his mood swings from menacing to over the top ham. Also, I missed that there was no sense of closure for Lex in this version.

The boldest portion of the edit is the final act and while I like the concept, I am afraid for me the execution does not work. It is choppy and is betrayed by uneven audio changes and cuts. I give kudos for attempting the idea but there was just not enough source material to make clear to me as a viewer what was happening.

The video quality was very good but I noticed a few places where the audio transitions or fade-ins could have been smoother.

All in all, a nice piece of work from a very promising new editor. I look forward to see what he does next. :)

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