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(Updated: March 11, 2023)
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I remember watching this edit evolve across the versions, and being impressed with the skill Zarius brought to the table. He managed to shorten the movie into a length reasonable for a TV episode, in a way that successfully covered all the bases for a Superman: The Animated Series "finale." Each cut was well chosen. I liked beginning with Jonathan and Martha at the farm, setting up the problem Supemran has to overcome for the story. I like keeping Brainiac as the satellite-robot version the whole way through, it makes the voice change with Lance Henricksen a bit easier to swallow for the viewer as him being slightly different. Lois already having a hint at Clark's identity early on also nicely ties into the ending with her recognizing Clark as Superman, and the lenghts he goes through to save her makes it all the more worthwhile. The transitions were well executed, and it never feels like I'm missing much. Risk and Revelation is an effective bridge between STAS and JL/JLU in that respect.

About the only nagging feeling I still have is keeping Lex around. Yeah, it makes sense for him to be here, and Zarius wisely cut down on his screentime, but Powers Boothe' portrayal of Lex Luthor still feels out of place with the rest of the edit, which largely keeps ties to the DCAU. Lex celebrating Superman's death with a Lua is still pretty funny though, so maybe that's worth it. I greatly enjoyed Risk and Revelation, in some ways more than my own edit of Brainiac Attacks. Well done.

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