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It's miraculous that the first Reeve Superman movies are hailed as some of the best superhero movies ever made given the circumstances surrounding the push of the 'panic button' by executives. With a few simplistic edits and a couple of touch ups, Wraith demonstrates just how unnecessary some of those decisions were. The picture would have stood up to scrutiny with it's original intention left intact.

This theatrical cut touches all the principle beats you need, a straight uncomplicated narrative without too much padding or overbloated sensationalistic stunts like shock value 'deaths' and time traversing twists. Everything has stricter verisimilitude and as a result, you believe all the more in what you're seeing.

Not much else I can say about this, it's not a radical reinvention of the wheel, it simply puts some toys back in the box, and leaves you wanting more to play with. An all time great simply made into the great it could have well been. Panic averted.
Owner's reply May 18, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to review.

All feedback is welcome. You told it how it was and validation for an editor (as you know) is just as important as constructive or technical comments since they re-enforces the intent and drive behind the work. Thus, more such pieces of work may follow in time from me and others. So thanks !

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