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(Updated: July 06, 2021)
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Loved the edit. Through inspired sound edits, a judicious selection of scenes, some reworking of the narrative, and restoration of much of Donner's vision, Wraith has built the best possible version -- in my humble opinion -- of the first 2 Superman films.

Confession: I am not really a fan of the Christopher Reeves' Superman movies, for a range of reasons. These include the portrayal of the Clark Kent persona as a bumbling nitwit, the humour including Otis, Gene Hackman's Luthor's thing for real estate, new Superman powers (changing time, magic kisses) and the loss-of-powers scenario in S2.

That said, there are some wonderful scenes and moments --Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, the Phantom Zone criminals and scenes, wonderful camerawork, effects and design -- and this edit gives you what is probably the most coherent, powerful and Donner-faithful version you are likely to see.

I enjoyed every minute!

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Owner's reply July 15, 2021

Thank you for those kind words, and I do agree that certain elements today are a tad overly comedic, but there are some trims to address that for the extra material added. At least they did not go full on BATMAN 66 camp, which thanks to Lester, this incarnation of the franchise began to resemble. Your timing, on the day of Maestro Donner's passing, is especially poignant.
Let continue to believe a man can fly!
R.I.P - R.D.

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